Edible Film

Edible Film Packaging Machine | AS700

Edible Film Packaging Machine | AS700 Edible Film Package

StripPack Machine| AS701

StripPack Machine | AS701

StripPack-AS701 is a machine designed to package edible film strips into individual pouches. The machine can handle various printed and heat sealable pouching materials for the pouch, and soluble film can be supported or unsupported. The machine can be used in automatic or semiautomatic mode. In semiautomatic, the operator actuates a foot pedal to initiate each cycle and this mode also allows provisions for placing precut soluble film strips manually (for small runs).

Main components of the machine are:

Technical Specifications:

Optional devices that can be incorporated include:

*Date and batch coder
*Vision system to verify for presence of strip in the pouch

StripPack Package

Edible Film Coating Machine

Edible Film Coating Machine

The coating machine accepts a roll of uncoated support material, deposits the liquid substrate on it, dries it and rewinds it.

The technical specifications for EFCM1 are as follows:

Machine for Soluble Film Casing | ASQ-32

Machine for Soluble Film Casing | ASQ-32

This machine can convert flat rolls of soluble film into a tube-like form. The seams are glued with a FDA approved glue. These casings are used in food and cosmetic industries. The casing disappears as the film is subjected to water and temperature.

Speed is dependent on the material being used.

The machine has the following components:

The machine requires 110V 10A and compressed air at minimum 80PSI.

Roll of Finished casing

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